Please make sure you have installed:

  • R (version 3.3.0 or higher)
  • Rstudio
  • The following packages:
    • tidyverse
    • lubridate
    • sf
    • ggplot2 (*developer’s version)
    • mapview
    • tlocoh **
    • adehabitatLT
    • adehabitatHR
    • move
    • raster
    • lme4
    • glmer

Installation Instructions:

Inside the Rstudio console, you can install packages using the function install.packages().

You can install packages one at a time using their name in quotes: install.packages("raster")


you can install multiple at one time using the c() function to combine all your names into one character vector:install.packages(c("raster", "tidyverse", "sf")).

Keep an eye out for errors that may mean one or multiple packages are failing to load.

  • For the developer’s versions, you will need to use the devtools package to download the most up to date versions from github. This is very similar to the base install.packages() function except we have to give it more specific path names e.g.:
  • devtools::install_github("tidyverse/ggplot2")

** The tlocoh package is found on R-forge so the installation function must be adapted to the following: install.packages("tlocoh", dependencies=T, repos=c(""))

Downloading Individual Files from github

If you want to download individual files during the workshop, We suggest you adapt and use the following code structure from R:

download.file("rawgithub_hyperlink", "destination_file_name")


consider using DownGit to download a specific folder or file.