Hi Everyone! My name is Dana Paige Seidel. I respond to “Dana” and use she/her pronouns. I am a 5th year PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley in the Getz Lab studying the movement of large mammals (think deer, zebra, and elephants) and the spread of disease. Professionally, I fancy myself a bio-statistician, a data scientist, and a part-time educator. Personally, I just love solving puzzles and other people’s knotty technical problems. For more information on my research, mosey on over to my Project Experience tab.

My Past

I grew up all around the central time zone and went to college in New York state (Go Big Red!). Since then I’ve continued my travels, studying abroad in Equatorial Guinea, working a season in rural Minnesota, completing my masters in Alberta, and finally settling down in Berkeley, CA. Amazingly, my family ended up nearby and I enjoy seeing them often and revel in being the “adventure” aunt. In my free time, I lead a book club, network with other #Rladies, hike, bike, and swim around the East Bay, and generally seek out self-improvement and learning opportunities.

My Future

I’ll be graduating with my Ph.D. in May 2019 and am looking for a new full time position in applied statistics or data science, to start in summer/fall 2019. I’m especially keen to find a position where I can apply my spatial statistics experience. If you have a tip for me, would like to hire me, or would just like to wish me luck, please contact me. Those interested can view and download my resume here.